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Song Tip Tuesday #13 – Intangible

A song is a beautiful creation that is an intangible (an object that does not have a physical presence that you are unable to touch or grasp). A song is built of several interconnecting parts and can achieve a myriad of effects. Yet, you cannot hold on to it.   But you can feel a song […]

Song Tip Tuesday #11 – Song Tempo

Sometimes the verse to a song feels perfect at one tempo, but a chorus or bridge doesn’t feel as comfortable at that same tempo. When this happens, it is time for a trial and error approach to find a common speed or tempo that fits both sections. The key to doing this is knowing the […]

Song Tip Tuesday #10 – Songs of Power

Songs are powerful. They can do/achieve many things. Listen to these ‘songs have power’ examples and think about how they influenced. Reflect on how you can impact your songs with power.  A song can motivate groups of people to work together.  Listen to We Shall Overcome by Charles Albert Tindley.  A song can bring special […]

Song Tip Tuesday #9 – ATION Rhymes

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is about ‘ATION’ rhymes. We have all been bitten by the ‘ATION’ rhyme. Please don’t feel badly, it has happened to almost every songwriter I have ever met and will probably continue its manesfestation as long as there is an inclanation for songs to be written. There are thousands of ‘ATION’ […]

Song Tip Tuesday #8 – Mis-stressing

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is about a common songwriting oversight called mis-stressing. FYI, mis-stressing is an err we all make no matter how experienced we are as songwriters.  Mis-stressing occurs when a word or syllable is accented in a way that makes it unintelligible.  Notice how awkward this mis-stressed lyric sounds when spoken out loud.  I […]

Song Tip Tuesday #7 – Keeping the Pencil Sharp

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday talks about a common songwriting issue ‘getting stuck or having writer’s block’. This question pops up on almost every songwriting blog.  How do I keep my songwriting skills sharp if I am uninspired and have nothing I want to write about?  When this happens, it is possible that you are in between […]

Song Tip Tuesday #6 – A Cumulative Process

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is an easy concept to wrap your arms around.   Songwriting is a learned in a cumulative manner.    Here’s a songwriting mantra. Repeat often!   What you learn from the song you are writing, you take with you to the next song you write.   And, my favorite saying. Repeat ad nauseum.  The art […]

Song Tip Tuesday #4 – Think of the Singer

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is a very important songwriting observation: Remember, a song is SUNG. You should think of the SINGER when writing it. If your song has vocal leaps that cross the great divide, it is unlikely that a vocalist will be able to sing the song with confidence. So, as you are writing, […]