Song Tip Tuesday #12 – What is a Song’s Genre?

A common songwriter question: What is my song’s genre? And, can my song be in multiple genres? And, the big one, what if my song is in multiple genres, what should I do?  

To answer the third question first, celebrate! Celebrate that your song can be appreciated by different types of audiences. How cool is that! Remember a ‘universally accepted’ genre would be the goal for any song 

The genre of a song defines where the song fits in stylistically according to music industry standards. The genre classification is dictated by the musical colors, artistic choices and styles that may be similar to the styles of other songs that are already written in the same genre. 

To place a song in a genre, you must be aware of what those characteristics are.  

For the most part, the character of the music and musical arrangement is what defines the genre. General examples are: loud guitars/driving beat – ROCK, strumming guitars with slide guitar fills – TRADITIONAL COUNTRY, strumming acoustic guitar – FOLK, loud screaming vocals with loud guitars – HEAVY METAL, beats with spoken word – RAP/HIP HOP, synthesizer sounds and sequencers/bass drum driving beat – ELECTRONIC DANCE. Please feel free to add to this list. 

If your song contains characteristics of multiple genres, even better. The song will appeal to many. 

The art of writing is rewriting. 

Randy Klein