See what some of Randy’s songwriting students are saying:

“Randy has always been very encouraging. I have learned so much from him. Best songwriting teacher! When I first came to him, I was so anxious about how am I going to do… I know nothing about songwriting, I didn’t know where to start. Then randy taught me from the very basic skill set and knowledge, guide me step by step to improve my songwriting skills. Now I can write my own songs and notate them on finale.”

“Well let’s start with the class being 5 stars of 5 stars. I would rate it 6 of 5 if I could. Well, guess what, I just did. Randy Klein was great. Everything covered was great and very well covered. I thought it was a really cool thing that the class went over the time and Randy was not in a hurry to get off the session in the 1 hour time frame. I respect that a lot. I learned a tremendous amount as he was critiquing my song.”

“I learned a lot both from Randy’s feedback on my song and from his feedback on the other songs submitted. I was also very impressed by how professional, respectful and kind he was to everyone who submitted work. This created a really good learning atmosphere.”

“Randy is amazing in how he can adjust his feedback to fit the experience level of the songwriters in the session.”

“You can tell Randy has written a lot, in a lot of different styles. He definitely has a “songwriter first” approach to his coaching. He had many specific ideas musically and lyrically.”

“Randy Klein was extremely knowledgeable and took time to impart real help to improve each song.”

“Randy was excellent. I enjoyed how he went through each song line by line and gave excellent suggestions and critique.”

“Loved Randy’s advice to read lyrics out loud – not sing them, read them. It really does put a different slant on them. I’ll be back next time with a song or two.”

“Randy Klein is excellent; helpful and straight-forward. I got a lot out of his instruction to all the participants, and feel excited about moving ahead with my songwriting. A HUGE thank-you to Randy for your time & help; I will be back with a re-write.”

“My cowriter was revisiting old evaluations and mentioned what a totally awesome eval you wrote on one of our cowrites called “ponies” – thanks again!”