Quickstart Guide To Songwriting


If you’ve ever heard a song in your head and wanted to be able to write it, The Quickstart Guide To Songwriting will lead the way. Starting with choosing a subject to write you song about, then writing a lyric, a memorable hook, a singable melody, and then adding harmony and rhythm, you will write a song of your own. Even if you might think you are not musical or lyrical, The Quickstart Guide To Songwriting is an easy step-by-step introductory into teaching you how to create your own song.

Write a song today!

Coming Spring 2018
Listening To Songs by Randy Klein.
A comprehensive listening guide for songwriters to enhance their songwriting skills by listening to other successful songs. This book will be accompanied by a teachers’ guide for classroom use.

Coming Winter 2019
You Can Write A Song! by Randy Klein.
A comprehensive approach to songwriting with commercial appeal.This book is written for songwriters of all levels from the beginning/novice songwriter to the professional, music thought about writing a song. A resource for learning to write songs as well as a reference that a songwriter can go back to time and time again for information and renewed guidance.