Online Workshop Rules

Thursday Evenings 7PM to 9PM


Online Workshop Rules

Who Can Attend

  • Songwriters of any level who want to learn more about the craft of songwriting and improve their skills
  • Topliners/Lyricists and Producers looking for collaborators
  • Singer Songwriters who want to up their game
  • Songwriters, Producers, Topliners


  • Participants’ song critique (7 songs per workshop – sign up first come first served. Submitted songs (8+) will be critiqued at the following workshop)
  • All participants must provide their song audio (MP3 file) and written lyrics (PDF or MS Word files) to no later than 2 hours prior to the start of the workshop.
  • Presenting songwriters must provide lyrics to be displayed on screen (.doc, .txt, .pdf accepted) sent to

Critiques are always objective and positive in nature, helping to cultivate a positive and nurturing experience.

This workshop is designed to help songwriters get feedback from leading professionals in the industry.

Songs of any genre (including musical theater, rock, pop, singer/songwriter, hip hop, country, jazz, folk, EDM, and instrumentals) are welcome. Songwriters, Artists, Topliners, and Producers at all levels (from beginning to advanced/professional) are welcome. 

An .mp4 transcript of the workshop will be available for purchase two hours after concluding.

The art of listening to music and lyrics. The art of writing is rewriting.