Song Tip Tuesday #9 – ATION Rhymes

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is about ‘ATION’ rhymes. We have all been bitten by the ‘ATION’ rhyme. Please don’t feel badly, it has happened to almost every songwriter I have ever met and will probably continue its manesfestation as long as there is an inclanation for songs to be written. There are thousands of ‘ATION’ rhymes and there is something about using them that becomes infectious. Once we start rhyming them, we can’t stop. Ouch…Ive been bitten again and without provocation. Its strangulation, without any stipulation, or a realization, for reclamation, not to neglect the mentioning of the quantity of commas needed for punctuation, I am feeling the suffocation, so I will make the transformation to inhalation and respiration, and I promise to never again use an ‘ATION’ rhyme. My apologies for this affirmationSorry!!!! 


The art of writing is rewriting! 

Randy Klein