Song Tip Tuesday #5 – Sing and Record Your Own Songs

This Song Tip Tuesday you may not agree with.

You are the best first demonstrator of your song.
I’ve heard all the excuses: ‘I can’t sing a note, have a terrible voice, I hate the way my voice sounds, and more. And all of these excuses are simply excuses!

This first recording of your song is a personal reference recording. It is for YOU to hear what your song sounded and felt like when it was ‘born’. Think about it. You are the only one who knows what YOUR song is supposed to sound and feel like. It came from your inspiration. This first demo captures that moment.

It will also inform YOU about your songwriting and will help you translate the feeling of your song to a vocalist.

SUGGESTION: Start singing your songs into your phone! It’s addictive once you start to try it!

Ok, I admit it, listening to your voice for the first time can be shocking. Get over it!
The art of writing is rewriting!
Randy Klein