Song Tip Tuesday #7 – Keeping the Pencil Sharp

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday talks about a common songwriting issue ‘getting stuck or having writer’s block. This question pops up on almost every songwriting blog. 

How do I keep my songwriting skills sharp if I am uninspired and have nothing I want to write about? 

When this happens, it is possible that you are in between songs. Not every song comes from a point of inspiration. So, what do you do during these in between times to keep your songwriting skills sharp? A simple suggestion is to write a song about what is right in front of you, or what you are doing right at that very moment.  

Here are some examples: You’re at the kitchen table eating dinner, write a quick song about the meal. You’re sitting at a bus stop, write a song about waiting for the bus. You are washing your clothes, write a song about the clothes spinning in the dryer. Totally nuts, right? But I guarantee this will keep your pencil sharp. You will be using your songwriting skills to write these little ditties. And, these songs don’t have to be epic, they can be a just 4 or 8 lines. Remember you are just keeping your pencil sharp. Here is my example:  

I’m facin my PC 

Can’t think of anything to write. 

But I’m gonna sit here till a song comes out  

even if it takes me till morning light. 


I hope what I write is profound. 

But if what I write lacks wit, 

at least I’ve kept my pencil sharp, 

at least I wrote a bit.  


Yes I know that this lyric is not the most inspired, but by writing it, I kept my songwriting skills awake. Wow, I’m inspired! Here’s a rewrite with a more upbeat tone. 


I hope what I write is profound. 

and yes, I wrote a bit.  

While keeping my pencil sharp. 

I wrote a Top Ten Hit! 


The art of writing is rewriting! 

Randy Klein