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Song Tip Tuesday #23 – Pronouns

Who is singing to whom in your song? If it is unclear, it could be a pronoun issue. When pronouns are mixed incorrectly in a lyric, the listener will NOT know who is singing to whom. When this happens, they zone out and start thinking other thoughts. Here is an example of a lyric that […]

Song Tip Tuesday #16 – Collaboration Part 2

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is a continuation on the subject of collaboration. I realized that I had some random yet connected thoughts about the subject I wanted to share.  When a song is newly completed, the individual contributions of each writer will be most apparent. It is always suggested that a split-sheet or a collaboration […]

Song Tip Tuesday #15 – Collaboration Part 1

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is about collaboration.  The collaborations that work best are when the collaborators are honest with each other. Brutally honest! If the lyric isn’t working, being able to say that the lyric isn’t working, and if the music is derivative of another song or not painting the intent of the lyric, being […]