Song Tip Tuesday #16 – Collaboration Part 2

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is a continuation on the subject of collaboration. I realized that I had some random yet connected thoughts about the subject I wanted to share. 

When a song is newly completed, the individual contributions of each writer will be most apparent. It is always suggested that a split-sheet or a collaboration agreement between the creators is signed at this point in the process. If there ever is a problem in the future, more than likely you won’t accurately remember who did what on the song. So, sign a collaborators pre-nup for every song you collaborate on.  

Anyone who has been in a good collaboration will tell you that the best part of the collaboration is the songs that emerged from it 

The joy that a collaborative team feels when they’ve completed a song is unique, exceptional and beyond description.  

Collaboration is like a marriage. Some last for decades, while others break up with the writers moving on to new relationships or going it on their own. Respect the good ones.  

Every collaboration you will be part of will have its own unique ideocracies 

The shorthand between writers in a collaboration takes time to develop and they accumulate slowly.  

Again, the more honesty in the collaboration, the more successful the songwriting process will be and the better the songs  

The art of writing is rewriting. 

Randy Klein