Song Tip Tuesday #15 – Collaboration Part 1

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is about collaboration. 

The collaborations that work best are when the collaborators are honest with each other. Brutally honest! If the lyric isn’t working, being able to say that the lyric isn’t working, and if the music is derivative of another song or not painting the intent of the lyric, being able to express that opinion. Saying what you mean is key to good collaborations.  

Another important rule of collaboration is that you should both be writing the same song. That means, that if you think the song is coming out in a different direction then you think it should, you need to be able to discuss this with your collaborator. Put it this way, if a song is coming from two points of view, it won’t be a good song anyway. The key to collaboration is good communication skills. And being polite works. 

More to come next week in Song Tips Tuesday #16 – Collaboration – Part #2 

The art of writing is rewriting. 

Randy Klein