Song Tip Tuesday #30 – Where should I write my songs?

This song tip is more important than you might think. Where should I write my songs? I try to find a quiet place and let my mind wander. I also like to write on airplanes. I guess it is the confinement of the space. It is easy to get distracted when writing, so choose a place that allows you to be in your own personal writing space. This line deserves repeating – own personal writing space. Once you find that space, never let it go.

Songwriting is a very creative art form that is experienced differently by each and every songwriter. There is a wonderful sense of freedom that is felt when you let your imagination roam free to create new songs. It is this feeling of creative freedom that makes you want to keep writing songs. Songwriting can be addictive simply because it’s fun to do. Yes, songwriting is fun! So, find you own personal writing space and have some fun!

The art of writing is rewriting.  Randy Klein