Private Songwriting Lessons

Randy Klein is available for Private Songwriting Lessons over Skype or at his NYC studio. A Private Songwriting Lesson is a one-on-one learning experience where the songwriter can present their songs in any state of completion to discuss which elements are working successfully and which aren’t, with the intent of improving the writers’ songwriting craft.

The immediacy of the one-on-one experience allows the songwriter to ask questions and explain their intent as they were writing their song. The amount of songwriting knowledge learned in a private lesson is enormous. With the idea that songwriting is a cumulatively learned art form, these sessions are highly suggested for all serious songwriters.

To arrange for a Private Songwriting Lesson with Randy Klein, please contact randy via email at  Make a payment using either Zelle, Venmo or Paypal. Once your payment and info have been received, Randy Klein will contact you via email to set up your lesson time.

Randy Klein Songwriting

Length of Lesson
30 Minutes60 Minutes

Type of Lesson
SkypeIn Person