Song Tip Tuesday #24 – What type of songwriter are you? – Part 1

Okay, you’re a songwriter, but what type of songwriter are you?

Are you a:

  1. songwriter who writes songs from their heart?
  2. songwriter who writes songs on assignment about something?
  3. songwriter who writes songs based on popular trends?
  4. professional songwriter who has the skill set to write songs that combine the three – from the heart, on assignment, by popular trend?
  5. musical theatre songwriter who writes songs which capture the emotional moment of a scene, move the dramatic action along while writing specifically for the character singing?

I would like to assume that we all fit into this first category and write songs from our hearts. We write about our truths. We write because it is our passion to do so. We love the process and the craft of songwriting. We use songwriting as a way of expressing our feelings.

Some of us are singer-songwriters who perform our songs, and some of us are songwriters, who are not performers, and rely on vocalists to sing, interpret and record our songs. Our common trait is we love the joy of giving birth to a new song, and we write from the heart.

Next week – Part 2 of What type of songwriter are you? will discuss songwriters who write on assignment.

The art of writing is rewriting. Randy Klein