Song Tip Tuesday #2 – Write About What You Know About

Today’s Song Tip Tuesday is WRITE ABOUT what you KNOW ABOUT.

It’s a pretty simple concept.  If you don’t know enough about the subject that you are writing about, you can’t do it.  You’ll get stuck.  In fact, ‘getting stuck not knowing your subject’ is on the top of my list of why songwriters can’t finish a song.  They don’t know enough about the subject they have chosen to write their song about.

So, from love songs to songs about quiche, make sure you know your subject.

A QUICK TRICK to help you is to make a list of ALL YOU DO KNOW about your subject. Don’t try to rhyme, or write the song, simply list the different things that pertain to your subject. Easy and very effective.

So, here’s to writing about what you know about!
The art of writing is rewriting.